How to become a host partner

European musical enterprises and institutions can host one or more of our young musicians without any expense.

They themselves will select the applicant after receiving a traineeship proposal, his/her curriculum vitae, and a video demonstrating the applicant's musical skills.

It will also be possible to organize a live audition through Skype.

If you choose to select one of our applicants, we will ask you to sign a LEARNING AGREEMENT and to assign the trainee a tutor.

At the end of the placement, the trainee will be given a TRAINEESHIP CERTIFICATE (the last parte of the Learning Agreement) to certify what they have done during the mobility.

A special certification valid throughout Europe, EUROPASS MOBILITY, will be prepared.
We will take care of insurance too.

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02_Learning_Agreement [.docx]
03_Europass_Mobility [.doc]