Meeting 3-4 June 2016

2016 Meeting … so to say … 5th Meeting!


For a specialised project like ours, being able to reach a fifth edition is an important milestone: we did want and pursue it, so that the experiences carried out by our trainees, and by us as organisers, could be once again made available to everyone, and help us do better and more.
Furthermore, the Meeting, placed at the end of each edition of WWM, has always tried to be an opportunity to meet with professionals and entrepreneurs from the world of music: this time, too, we will enjoy the contribution of speakers representing different areas, and sharing an interest in young musicians.
Ciociaria is a land of history and culture, and our annual meetings lead us to Fiuggi and Alatri in 2012, Montecassino Abbey in 2013, Casamari Abbey and Veroli in 2014, Anagni in 2015.
In 2016 it is the Conservatory of Music of Frosinone to host the first part of the Meeting, welcoming us in its very new Auditorium.
To keep the usual mix of old and new, for the second working day we have chosen the ancient Fumone Castle, a possession of the papacy until 1584, when it became a property of Marchesi Longhi De Paolis: entering the fortress will be like going back in history, and plunging into the Middle Ages, searching for the mysteries and secrets, sometimes dramatic, hidden there.
Finally, we will say goodbye to each other within the massive city walls of Ferentino, one of the many beautiful towns of this region.
The question that in 2010 gave birth to Working With Music was: "Is it still possible to earn a living with music?”.
Today we are able to confirm the answer that we gave during the 1st Meeting: "Yes, it is, if we all pour in an idea and a bit of work".

The public part of the Meeting (Friday 3 June, 15:15 - 20:30) will be broadcast live streaming.
If you are interested, please use this link:

Friday 3 June

Bassetto Hotel (Ferentino)


Welcome snack

Conservatory of Music of Frosinone - Auditorium




Musical welcome

Trumpet ensemble of the Conservatory of Music of Frosinone

conductor: Francesco Del Monte


Opening greetings

Raffaele Ramunto, Director of the Conservatory of Music of Frosinone

Nicola Ottaviani, Mayor of Frosinone

Antonio Pompeo, President of Frosinone Province

Sara Primiterra, AEC Events Manager

Maria Salzabo, Erasmus+ National Agency


Working With Music +: the Project

Lucia Di Cecca, WWM+ referent


Living of music today

Sergio Lattes, responsible for the website, former teacher in Italian Conservatories of Music

Gianni Tangucci, coordinator of the Academy of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino




Discussion of experiences by grant winners

Federico Bragetti, cellist at Maastricht

Stefano Colombelli, double-bass player at Münster

Ilario Ferrari, jazz pianist and sound techniscin at London

Claudio Galassi, composer at London

Luca Giberti. Jazz guitar player at Izmir

Anna Manfio, singer at Liepzig

Moreno Maugliani, drummer at Aalborg

Natalia Psenita, pianist at Gothenborg

Moderator: Marzia Bagli, WWM+ referent for the Saint Louis


Music and profession

Ada Montellanico, singer, President of MIDJ, Associazione Nazionale Musicisti di Jazz

Giorgio Carnini, organist and conductor

Francesco Bellisari, fouder of NAC Sound

Moderator: Carla Di Lena, director of the magazine Musica+


Synthesis of works and final greetings

Domenico Celenza, President of the Conservatory of Music of Frosinone

Paolo Troncon, President of the Board of the Directors of Italian Conservatories of Music



E-cetra guitar ensemble of the Conservatory of Music of Frosinone

conductor: Eugenio Becherucci

Bassetto Hotel (Ferentino)


Dinner (reserved for guests)

Saturday 4 June

Fumone Castle (Castello di Fumone)


Reserved for Italian partners: working group

Interviews with winners of WWM+ grants

Reserved for European partners and speakers


Coffee break and visit of the Castle


Meeting for referents from WWM+ partners and grant winners


Synthesis of works and conclusions

Bassetto Hotel (Ferentino)


Lunch (reserved for guests)

Ferentino Town


Walking through the Historical Centre

Bassetto Hotel (Ferentino)


Meeting for Italian partners


Dinner (reserved for guests)

Announcement Meeting [.pdf]
Announcement Meeting (Programme for 3 June) [.pdf]
Brochure [.pdf]