The new WWM+ project

The Consortium WWM+ will continue to enact the Leonardo da Vinci PLM (People in the Labour Market) project, aimed at graduates of the Italian Music Conservatories, within the framework of the new Erasmus+ Programme. The project was initiated in 2010 and held in four successive editions that permitted 130 young musicians to take part in formative placements held at several European musical organizations. The prime objective of this project was, and remains, to compensate for the noted lack of opportunities for actual employment in the field of music for students during their course of study by providing substantial post-graduate apprenticeships.


The Consortium consists of the members of the original Leonardo project - the Conservatories of Frosinone, Genova, L’Aquila, Monopoli, Padova, Torino, Trieste, Verona, and the Institute for Higher Musical Studies of Livorno - plus the new members, the Conservatories of Alessandria, Cagliari, Castelfranco Veneto, Pescara, Venezia, and the Saint Louis of Rome: all united in the objective of supporting young people in their personal transformation from students to working musicians, which requires – in addition to talent and professional competence – self-knowledge, perseverance, and creative adaptability.


It has at its disposal a large network of musical institutions in Europe; this network has been established with care and commitment over the past years, and it is able to accommodate our graduates whatever their specific fields and personal goals. In this context, every apprenticeship will be carefully and accurately planned.


We have decided to call the Consortium “Working With Music +” to emphasize the continuity of our mission, as well as the infusion of new energy under the new Erasmus+ Programme; the new project will certainly benefit from the expertise and skills aquired during the past years.


A website, (already active) in both Italian and English, will be not only a showcase for the project but also a real tool for management. It will provide descriptions of all foreign institutions acting as host partners, the apprenticeships offered, and their requirements, as well as how to prepare prospective applicants, etc. Participants will find all the documentation needed, from the application form to the feedback report, together with useful links. Photos, videos and comments from the participants will be posted, and specific Facebook and Youtube pages will be provided.


The activities of the Consortium will be directed by a Board made up of the referents from all partners, and periodic videoconferences will be held for the purpose of planning, organizing, and monitoring the many aspects of the project.


Beyond the objective of providing professional experience to our young graduates, this project will certainly contribute to a better understanding of our educational system and its relations with the professional music world. In particular, we will treasure the reports our young musicians will give us upon returning from their periods of work abroad. They will be interviewed, and a documentary film will be made and distributed which will allow their experiences and opinions to be heard nationally and internationally; this will certainly provide insights which will help us improve in our efforts.


Representatives of the partner institutions and winners of the scholarships will meet once a year to exchange experiences and for future planning.