The new WWM+ project

The overall objective of the Consortium Working With Music + (hereinafter WWM +) is to bridge the gap that is currently existing in the music sector between education and employment. The aim is to give young people everything they need to build a professional life that is both satisfying and capable of positively affecting the society while being ready to face all the challenges of their profession.
The following four specific objectives will contribute to the overall goal, which will be achieved with the activities carried out by the Consortium:
  • To support recent graduates in the transition between education and employment by organizing traineeships abroad.
  • To strengthen the staff of our Institutes by arranging training periods abroad.
  • To extend the network of collaborations to countries not associated to the Programme by implementing KA171 mobility projects.
  • To increase the ability of individual institutions to plan and implement international activities by sharing the competencies of each one.

WWM + brings into the new Programme Erasmus+ 2021/27 over ten years of experience. Born in 2010 as a Leonardo da Vinci Partnership, it has been a pioneer in the music sector for the organization of traineeships in Europe for recent graduates. In 2014, the same partnership created an Erasmus + Consortium, maintaining the main objective of facilitating the integration of young people in the professional context while verifying and strengthening their technical skills, interacting with experienced colleagues, enriching their transversal skills, and starting creating a network of contacts. Enthusiasm and professionalism allowed us to grow over time, gradually expanding the number of partners and increasingly extending the network of European companies willing to welcome our trainees. WWM + in the previous Programme had an extraordinary impact on the participants since 90% of them attributed to their WWM + internship positive effects on their job found later, and an even higher success rate is expected in the new Programme.
All the partners of the Consortium participated in WWM + in the previous Programme, with a geographical distribution that covers the entire Italian territory and gathers different mobility experiences and different didactic and artistic specificities: Conservatories of Music of Frosinone (coordinator), Alessandria, Cagliari, Castelfranco Veneto, Florence, Genoa, L'Aquila, Lecce, Monopoli, Padua, Palermo, Parma, Pescara, Turin, Trapani, Trieste, Venice, Verona and the Saint Louis College of Music (Rome).