Meeting 28-29 March 2014

Our story goes on.....


In March 2012 we celebrated together the conclusion of the first edition of the project in Fiuggi, in the luxuriant setting of the Golf Club. For the second edition we met in March 2013 in one of the landmarks of Western culture, the Abbey of Montecassino. We have chosen for our third Meeting the lovely old town of Veroli and the Abbey of Casamari with its ancient spirituality.


All the activities that we have achieved during these months converge on this event: a meeting point for those who participated in and contributed to the project; an opportunity to listen to live reports from our young musicians and to share experiences, thoughts, ideas; a synthesis of what has been done; a reaching out into the future to do better and better.


As customary, we hold a two-day Meeting: the first day, open to the public, collects the stories of the winners of the scholarships and the contributions of prominent guests on the relationship between education and profession; the second is reserved for partners.


This year we present a pilot project, "Give Music to Your Idea", a joint collaboration of the Conservatory of Music of Frosinone, the "Fabrica dei Talenti" Foundation (Frosinone Industrial Association), Innova (Frosinone Chamber of Commerce) and "Build It Up” Association. We hope that the initiative will be successful and used as a model by our partners.


At the end the telling of a new musical adventure from the voice of its creator.


We wish all our guests a pleasant profiteable Meeting in the company of Working With Music!


The team of Working With Music

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