How to become a host partner

European musical enterprises and institutions can participate in the project and host one or more of our young musicians without any expense.


They themselves will select the applicant after receiving a placement request, his/her curriculum vitae, and a video demonstrating the applicant's musical skills.

It will also be possible to organize a live audition through Skype.


Are you interested?


Please send us your LETTER OF INTENT and fill in the PARTNER ORGANIZATION FORM. The letter has to be written on your official (headed) paper and has to be signed and stamped in original.


If you choose to select one of our applicants, we will ask you to sign a TRAINING AGREEMENT and to assign the trainee a tutor.


At the end of the placement, the trainee will be given a FINAL REPORT and a TRANSCRIPT OF WORK.

A special certification valid throughout Europe, EUROPASS MOBILITY, will be prepared.


We will also ask you to fill in a questionnaire which will help us in improving our organization.


Please get in touch with us!


01 Letter of intent [.doc]
02 Partner organization form [.doc]
03 Training Agreement and Quality Commitment.doc [.doc]
04 Final report and Transcript of work.doc [.doc]
05 Europass Mobility.doc [.doc]