Living of music, a research and 11 stories of young Italian musicians

At the 2015 Meeting we presented a research on the employment outcomes of more than 80 young people who had undergone a WWM traineeship abroad. We had tried to answer some crucial questions: whether, where and how these young people were working, and what relationship there was between the traineeships they had performed and their subsequent professional life.
The study had been carried out by subjecting a questionnaire, drawn up with the help and valuable suggestions of professors Giunio Luzzatto and Stefania Mangano from Genoa University.
At that time we promised to publish the research. And here it is: three years after the release of “Young people going abroad, 32 conversations with the WWM musicians” - a book containing 32 interviews to WWM trainees - here comes “Living of music, a research and 11 stories of young Italian musicians”.
It includes the research on the employment outcomes presented at the 2015 Meeting plus 11 individual stories: we wanted to enrich the quantitative and statistical analysis with something that could show the warm living experience of these young people through their stories, reported just as they had been told, withouth altering the sometimes sharp judgments typical of young people’s speech.
All these stories start in Italy, move abroad, to end sometimes in Italy, more frequently abroad. And so we face an issue regarding not only musicians, and which is nowadays frequently discussed in politics and public speaking. But this is not our concern here; instead it is to witness how, even today and in the most diverse specialties of the profession, it is possible to earn one’s living with music.

May 2016
Living of music, a research and 11 stories of young Italian musicians [.pdf]