University of Cassino – Language Centre - Italy

The University of Cassino has 15.000 students enrolled at the 5 faculties: Engineering, Humanities, Economics, Political sciences, Sport sciences). The language centre was established in 2001 to support the teaching and learning of languages throughout the university. It is equipped with advanced ICTs and offers a wide range of services. The centre includes three laboratories, in Cassino, Frosinone and Sora, a multimedia laboratory and an audio laboratory. The CLA organises French, English, Russian, Spanish and German language courses; it also provides Italian courses for foreign students.
All the courses are taught by teachers who are native speakers and apply the criteria of the Council of Europe's Common European Framework.
The CLA is member of AICLU (Italian Association of University Linguistic Centres) and centre of exams for the principal international certifications (PET fo English, ZD for German, DELF/DALF for French, DELE for Spanish, CILS for Italian L2).
It is also accredited centre for IFTS courses, organized by Lazio region, and for courses financed with FSE funds.

Role in the project: linguistic preparation of participants